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With 2411 votes, the winner of the Public Choice Award is...


About the design
The inspiration for our packaging is the legendary Bermuda Triangle. You will also notice that the number 3 is the main key in this design. Dark blue is the main color. This color stands for unplumbed depths of the ocean and symbolizes luxury and elegance. Furthermore, the gold highlights show the hidden treasures in the ocean. The island Bermuda is known for its rum production (for instance Gosling's and Bacardi), which lead us choose rum pralinés. The pralinés are therefore the treasure inside of the blue triangular box which is the ocean. We took advantage of the typography. We merged "Bermuda" and the number "3". The title "3ermuda" relates to the number 3 (triangle) but also creates the illusion of looking like the letter B. And on top of that, even the measurements are connected to this number because the lengths can be divided by 3. Here are some examples: total height (81mm), second height (51mm), width (120mm), total depth (120mm), the individual parts itself (cover, inner box, base) even the adhesive tabs (9mm). And finally, there are 3 rum pralines in each box. This box of chocolate is a suitable gift for every occasion and for everyone. We also included a slot to put in a greetings card or a business card on the back side of the box. The construction of the packaging is not randomly designed. To create a flawless appearance and more firmness, we adjusted the glued edges to the sides. The material Ensocoat in 300 g/m² fits perfectly for chocolate and confectionery packaging. "Surface smoothness and printing performance have been optimized to impress even in the most demanding applications." In addition, the specifications of Ensocoat are impressive, especially the run- and print-ability, solidness and bending resistance. All in all, we challenged ourselves to accomplish the most optimized result. We created a complete storyline around the packaging and connected it with the technical details such as the design, material, printing and finishing.

Our jury has also reached a verdict and the shortlist is here.

Congratulations to all of you who made it to the shortlist! Now, all you can do is to sit back and wait for the jury to decide who will be flown to New York for the luxurious award show on 11th May.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants of Recreate Packaging 2016 competition – you really raised the game! We hope to see you all again next time.




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