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Recreate packaging 2016

The Stora Enso Recreate Packaging competition was originally launched in 2012 as a creative platform and it serves as a breath of fresh air in the international design community. The official registration is now closed and we are wishing all the contestants best of luck and we are looking forward

to see what you come up with before February 29th. If you’re not competing this year but want to be a part of the competition in some aspect make sure to vote on your favorite design for the Public Choice Award that opens on March 3rd.


Stora Enso produces premium paperboard for a number of demanding end uses and products. In this design challenge we focus on three luxury packaging end uses.

perfume & cosmetics

The packaging is a vital part of any perfume or cosmetics product. It allows the product to stand out, reinforces segmentation and signals what to expect as an extension of the product itself. The high-quality paperboard grades from Stora Enso are great for creating a combination of an eye-catching visual appearance, functionality, versatility and material-efficiency.


champagne & fine spirits

Go to a liquor store or travel shopping outlet and you will find an abundance of champagne and fine spirits sold in imaginative gift packaging. Although too often, these are made of non-renewable materials. Can you create a sustainable paperboard package with wow-effect for champagne or fine spirits?


chocolate & confectionery

Whether you produce the finest chocolate, pralines or other premium confectionery, you want the packaging to match. It’s not only a question of keeping your product fresh and hygienic; chocolate goes beyond practical concerns and connects with our emotions. This should be reflected in the packaging. Create a luxurious packaging concept that will enhance the unboxing experience and the pleasure of serving and enjoying chocolate.




Ensocoat® is Stora Enso’s flagship board crafted to meet the visual and performance demands of the graphics industry and luxury packaging. Produced from responsibly sourced, certified raw materials, it serves as the industry standard for high performance and sustainability.



CKB® is all about strong characters, strong brands and strong messages. It is ideal for folding cartons of food, chocolate, wine and spirits. CKB® also makes great multipacks – the eye-catching pack is light and strong and is easy to buy, carry, open and recycle. The board has a natural brown reverse side.


Performa Brilliance

Performa Brilliance® was designed specifically for advanced graphical and high-end packaging applications. This newcomer in the Stora Enso family is the best folding boxboard we have ever created. Its key characteristics include high brightness, excellent smoothness and great visual appearance.



Get inspired. Check out our design blog to get your creative juices flowing.

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