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About the contest

The design competition Recreate Packaging by Stora Enso has been encouraging and awarding creativity and excellence in packaging design since 2012. Join the community and show your talent in our next design challenge!
This time all participants will compete in the same category, and the contest brief will be released on the 15th April 2020. Curious to know what the challenge will be? Sign up for our newsletter to be informed asap!

Highlights 2018

Monster Fruits

The 1st prize in students Recreate Packaging 2018! MonsterFruits was created as a children-friendly packaging for dried fruits. Sustainability, health...

Waky-up Muesli

The winner of the Kids' Award and the 2nd prize in students! WAKY-UP is a packaging created for balanced organic food. Each box is designed for a spec...


The winner of the 3rd prize in students. The ANIMEALS concept aims to encourage children to eat more healthily by providing packaging they themselves ...

Fruit Glasses

The winner of the 1st prize in Recreate Packaging 2018! A yoghurt packaging that children could use to play with. The most important part of the Fruit...


The 2nd prize in Recreate Packaging 2018. A brand new product specifically designed for 5-8 years old kids: an “on the go” and healthy snack with drie...

Bacaly Snake

The 3rd prize in Recreate Packaging 2018. Bacaly Snake is a toy package filled up with tasty and healthy snacks. Inside are hidden tidbits as walnuts...

Smart Snack

Public Choice Award in Recreate Packaging 2018. The Smart Snack is a packaging inspired by a logical game. The child, in order to get what is in the m...

The Trophy

Each prize winner received a gorgeous trophy designed by Bea Szenfeld. Regardless of how the end result will be, the idea and the creative process is ...