Taste is visual: the brief
Recreate kids’ food packaging

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We eat with our eyes, that’s a fact. Studies show that packaging has a big impact on children’s food preferences and even affects perceived taste. Appealing packaging can be used to encourage kids to eat more of food products that are organic, of high quality, sustainable and contain natural ingredients.

In this year’s competition the task is to rethink food packaging to make it more fun, enjoyable and appealing for children. Use the Stora Enso renewable materials listed below to create a packaging solution for a food product of your choice, targeting children (ages 0-12). You may focus either on the primary or secondary packaging.

  • Lumiflex packaging paper
  • Natura liquid packaging board
  • Tambrite carton board
  • Trayforma food tray board

Explore new concepts, functions, shapes and designs. We are looking for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that stand out from what we see and experience today. Consider for example how the packaging should look, how it should work, how it opens and closes, how you eat from it, and if it can be reused or played with. Be creative!

Good to know

  • We recommend to focus on the concept, form and function of the packaging rather than on graphic design.
  • All contestants should be able to account for their entries from a sustainability point of view and state which considerations have been made to make the packaging more sustainable, or how the packaging promotes sustainable behaviour.
  • For legal reasons, you’re not allowed to feature an existing brand in your design. If you want to include a brand logotype in your design, please design one yourself or use imagery with a free- for-use creative commons license.



Need a nice, glossy finish for your food packaging design? This woodfree, one-side single coated, no-OBA-added flexible packaging paper is just what you are looking for. Whether you will be using it for rotogravure, flexographic or offset printing, this paper is ideal for applications with direct food contact.

Lumiflex has high opacity, high bulk and high stiffness, and it is suitable for anything from chocolate wrappers, yoghurt cup labels and banderoles to bags and pouches.


Keep the contents of your packaging fresh, hygienic and unchanged while the surface delivers your message. Thanks to our renewable fibre-based Natura board, there are no longer any excuses for opting for a non-renewable packaging material.

Natura board has an exceptionally high standard of odour and taint neutrality, which makes it especially suitable for packaging liquids and sensitive food products like milk, yoghurt, juice, spices, water and soups. Natura boards are made of pure primary fibre produced in a strictly controlled production environment and have an extensive range of barrier-coating options.


Tambrite is a true all-round packaging material known for its superior value, quality and performance. It is the ultimate choice for your daily packaging needs.

Tambrite has the stiffness and bulk for highly attractive and tactile packaging. Its uncompromised product safety makes it a perfect choice for food, pharma, chocolate and confectionery packaging, and it is adaptable to other various end-uses as well. The nice surface smoothness and brightness with special finishing effects, such as laser and inkjet coding and Braille embossing, give the package that final touch.


Looking for board that stands both hot and cold? Trayforma is specially developed for use as pressed or folded trays, bowls and plates, and can also be pressed into multi-compartment trays to hold a wide selection of convenience foods, frozen ready meals, bakery products and catering.

Trayforma boards are pure and safe food packaging materials with good printability and excellent formability, offering an excellent combination of design, protection and user convenience, from freezer to oven to table.

Judging criteria

The entry will be judged based on how well it meets the design challenge in the brief as well as the following criteria:

  • Functionality & user experience
    The product is easy to use and it fulfils its purpose well. The end-consumer will enjoy interacting with the product.
  • Market potential
    The design meets the needs of the consumer whilst creating a desirable, aesthetically pleasing solution for the selected brand.
  • Innovative use of material
    The Stora Enso renewable packaging material has been used in a favourable and innovative way. The design highlights the strengths of the selected material(s).
  • Production-ready
    The design can easily be taken into mass production and is suitable for cost-effective manufacturing.
  • Retail & logistics
    The design takes into consideration both brick-and-mortar and online sales. It also takes into consideration the logistics of physical items including material handling, inventory, transportation and warehousing, while making sure that the contents of the package are delivered safely.

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