The competition opens on 4 September 2017. From then until 22 December 2017, interested applicants can register for the competition.

  • December 2017 22 09:00 CET
    January 2018 31 09:00 CET
    February 2018 7 09:00 CET
    March 2018 7 09:00 CET

    How to compete

    1. Register on the competition website and order your entry kit.
    2. Use the material to create your competition entry, based on the challenge in the competition brief.
    3. Compete alone, in a team of maximum four people, or both. There is one student category and one professional category.
    4. Submit your finished entry and make sure that it reaches the Competition Office before 31 January 2018 at 09:00 CET.

    Design competition rules 

    • Design students and professional designers are welcome to compete from all over the world.
    • Students and professionals compete in two separate categories.
    • Entry to the competition is possible as an individual or as a group of up to maximum four members. A person can submit one personal design and one team design.
    • The competition language is English and the competition proposals must be submitted in English.
    • Participants must use the board material provided in the Stora Enso entry kit. The materials are Lumiflex, Natura, Tambrite and Trayforma. Participants are allowed to mix the materials.
    • The entry will be given a contest ID, by which the jury will identify it. The entry (i.e. the mock-up and visualization) cannot contain any identifying marks other than the contest ID, which must be specified in the entry form.
    • Safe and timely delivery of the entry is the responsibility of the participant. The submitted entry is the responsibility of the participant until it reaches the Competition Office, after which it becomes the responsibility of the organiser of the competition. Any damage that may occur to the entry during shipping is neither the responsibility of Stora Enso nor the Competition Office.
    • Entries that have previously won awards cannot be submitted. Entries will not be returned. Entries that do not meet the requirements of the guidelines and rules or that do not include all the required information will be disqualified. Late entries will be disqualified automatically. Stora Enso employees and their family members are not allowed to participate in the competition.

    Intellectual property rights

    1. The participant authorizes Stora Enso to use the competition entry in any applicable form, digital or mechanical, in order to inform co-operation partners or other interested parties about the results of the competition and present any selected competition entry in any of Stora Enso’s communication and any media concerning the competition. This includes press communications, newsletters, internet pages, exhibitions and printed materials.
    2. Under no circumstances will Stora Enso be held responsible for the payment of royalties or other charges in connection with the aforementioned activities. The participant agrees not to hold Stora Enso responsible for any claims concerning the competition entry in this respect.
    3. The participant undertakes the task of ascertaining that 1) to the best knowledge of the participant the competition entry is not infringing any intellectual property rights like copyrights, trademarks, designs, patents, utility models or any other intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as IPR) of any third party; and 2) the competition entry is an original idea. Stora Enso is not held responsible if the competition entry infringes on third party IPR.
    4. If the participant is employed, the participant warrants that it has obtained from his/her employer a written and valid assignment of all intellectual property rights to the competition entry.
    5. Subject to the buy-out rights set out in paragraph 6 below, in case the competition entry gives cause for commercial implementation, the terms of such implementation are to be negotiated and agreed on separately by the participant and the party who will be responsible for the implementation. Stora Enso will, however, for a period of twelve months from the date of having informed the participant about the winning competition entry, have the right of first refusal regarding obtaining the IPR of any competition entry on the terms set out in paragraph 6 below.
    6. Buy-out Rights: If Stora Enso wants to acquire any competition entry and thus acquire the IPR (including the right to modify and transfer, the participant that has created the competition entry will be paid a one-time fee and the participant shall irrevocably transfer to Stora Enso all right, title and interest in the competition entry and its IPR. If the participant has filed any application(s) or been granted any registration(s) to the IPR of the competition entry or any right attached thereto, the participant shall further assign the related application(s) and/or registration(s) to Stora Enso and provide all information about related application(s) and/or registration(s) to Stora Enso.
    7. Payment of the one-time fee is independent of the prize money and will be paid additionally.
    8. Stora Enso reserves the right to buy-out any competition entry for a one-time fee of €7 000 for a student competition entry and €10 000 for a professional competition entry.
    9. If the participant so wishes, the participant can file for IPR protection before submitting the competition entry to the competition.
    10. If the competition entry is submitted by a team, it must be stated in the submission which team member(s) owns the IPR to competition entry. The participant stated as the owner of all IPR to the competition entry represents and warrants that the participant is the sole legal and beneficial owner of such rights.
  • All entries must be submitted by post to the Competition Office.

    River Cresco AB
    Birger Jarlsgatan 57A
    Att: Recreate Packaging
    Box 19063
    104 32 Stockholm

    The final deadline for all entries is on 31 January 2018. All entries must have arrived at the Competition Office by this date, at 09:00 CET. It is at the Competition Office’s sole discretion whether or not to accept extenuating circumstances for late deliveries.

    Final physical and digital entry must include:

    • Entry Form
    • Concept Visualization (2D or 3D rendering) in printed form
    • Physical design (mock-up).
    * Please use the entry form: Recreate Packaging 2018 Design competition (provided in the toolkit) for the delivery of all entries.

    Please note! To compete in the Public Choice Award you must also complete the digital entry in your competition profile, and upload images of your packaging design. Please follow the size guidelines provided for images (1200x1200px and not heavier than 1MB per jpg).

  • Professional category
    1st prize: €5000, 2nd prize: €3000, 3rd prize: €2000.

    Student category
    1st prize: €5000, 2nd prize €3000, 3rd prize €2000.

    Public choice award
    €3000 (one winner selected through public vote)

    Kids' choice
    €2000 (one winner selected by the end consumers - Kids!)

    In addition to the eight winning designs, the jury may award up to three honorary mentions with an additional reserved sum of €2000.

    (Tax consequences: the winners are liable to pay taxes and alike on public expenses on the awarded prize sum.)

  • Jury

    A specially appointed jury of experts will evaluate each entry and select the winners. The jury will be formed by distinguished representatives including:

    Stefan Casey, Packaging Innovation Lead, Nestlé

    Stefan is the Packaging Innovation Lead at Nestec Ltd in York, UK. As a senior creative, marketing and consumer research specialist he has developed iconic brands and retailers across the Global Fortune 500 for over 16 years. He is also an active speaker and contributor at leading industry events and publications, sharing his expert knowledge from the forefront of consumer marketing today.

    Ali Kaylan, Global Head of Marketing, SIG Combibloc

    Ali is the Head of Global Marketing at SIG Combibloc. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago in addition to his MS and BS degrees in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, respectively. In addition to his experience in automotive and appliance industries, Ali also has 12 years experience in the packaging sphere working at Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc, and as a consultant.

    Annika Bresky, Jury Chairman, Head of Division Consumer Board, Stora Enso

    Annica is the Head of Division Consumer Board at Stora Enso. After completing an MBA and MSc in Engineering at Uppsala University she took on multiple operational roles at Stora Enso. She has also served as Managing Director at BillerudKorsnäs and CEO of Iggesund Paperboard, making her a valued and experienced leader within the paper and paperboard industry.

    Sally Voltaire, Chef, Author, Restaurant Owner at Sally Voltaire & Systrar

    Sally Voltaire is a Chef and entrepreneur. She owns and manages her modern vegetarian restaurant and boutique, Sally Voltaire & Systrar, in Stockholm. After completing her education in journalism she chose an individual creative path and started her own restaurant business. Making a huge impression on the culinary scene since 2011 already, she’s also author of her own cookbook.

    Renne Angelvuo, President of epda (European Packaging Design Association)

    Renne is the President of the European Packaging Design Association. He is a renowned creative director, having over 35 years experience in packaging, industrial design and marketing communications. Being the founder of two successful advertising and design companies, he also shares his expert knowledge speaking to international forums about branding and packaging design.

    Antoine Leuenberger, Regional Buyer, Danone

    Antoine is Regional Packaging Buyer at Danone, in Amsterdam, Holland. He has a double master’s degree in business administration and enterprise management. During his studies Antoine founded his own business, building websites and supplying marketing solutions. For the past 3 years he has rapidly developed at Danone, establishing himself as a dynamic talent in market intelligence and procurement.

    It will be up to the jury to decide if they, in addition to the prizes, also want to award up to three honorary mentions. Based on the submission criteria, the final entries will be judged on the submitted mock-up and visualization. Each contest entry will be judged anonymously, equally and fairly. Before and during the judging process, the jury will only be able to identify the designs based on the contest ID given to the entry. All the decisions of the jury are final.

    Judging criteria

    The mock-up included in the entry will be judged according to how well it meets the design challenge and the following judging criteria:

    • Functionality & user experience
      The product is easy to use and it fulfils its purpose well. The end-consumer will enjoy interacting with the product.
    • Market potential
      The design meets the needs of the consumer whilst creating a desirable, aesthetically pleasing solution for the selected brand.
    • Innovative use of material
      The Stora Enso renewable packaging material has been used in a favourable and innovative way. The design highlights the strengths of the selected material(s).
    • Production-ready
      The design can easily be taken into mass production and is suitable for cost-effective manufacturing.
    • Retail & logistics
      The design takes into consideration both brick-and-mortar and online sales. It also takes into consideration the logistics of physical items including material handling, inventory, transportation and warehousing, while making sure that the contents of the package are delivered safely.
  • When does the competition begin?

    4 September 2017 at 09:00 CET

    When does the competition end?

    The competition closes on 31 January 2018 at 09:00 CET After this hour, the Competition Office will no longer accept any physical or digital entries.

    How do I register to the competition?

    Use the competition website to register your name and/or your team as well as to order the materials. After submitting your information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your personal contest ID, which you must print and include when you send us your physical entry.

    When do I get the entry kit?

    As soon as we receive your personal details, the Competition Office will send your entry kit to the address that you have provided us with.

    What comes in the entry kit?

    Lumiflex: You will get 2 sheets in 3 different weights (60, 80 and 110 g/m2).
    Natura: You will get 2 sheets in 3 different weights (Natura RFA 231 gsm PE and Natura 2PE 14+265+24 ).
    Tambrite: You will get 2 sheets in 3 different weights (220, 250 and 285 g/m2).
    Trayforma: You will get 2 sheets in 3 different weights (230+40 WPET, 310+40 BPET and 350+40 WPET)

    How do I submit my entry?

    Please send all competition entries to:

    River Cresco AB
    Birger Jarlsgatan 57A
    Att: Recreate Packaging
    Box 19063
    104 32 Stockholm

    All physical entries must include a printed copy of your personal contest ID that you receive when submitting. You need to upload 3 images (jpgs) plus an additional jpg of the concept visualization.

    Is there an entry fee for the competition?

    No. The competition is free of charge.

    How will you judge the entries?

    The judges will evaluate the designs based on the following critera: functionality & user experience, market potential, innovative use of material, production-ready, and retail & logistics. A further description of these criteria can be found under Judging.

    What are the prizes for the award winners?

    Professional category
    1st prize: €5000, 2nd prize: €3000, 3rd prize: €2000.

    Student category
    1st prize: €5000, 2nd prize €3000, 3rd prize €2000.

    Public choice award
    €3000 (one winner selected through public vote)

    Kids' choice
    €2000 (one winner selected by the end consumers - Kids!)

    In addition to the eight winning designs, the jury may award up to three honorary mentions with an additional reserved sum of €2000.

    (Tax consequences: the winners are liable to pay taxes and alike on public expenses on the awarded prize sum.)

    Do I participate as an individual or in a team?

    Participants can enter the competition either individually, in a team, or both. If you wish to participate as a group, your team can have max four members.

    How many entries can I submit?

    Only one entry can be submitted per team or per person. However, everyone who enters the competition as a team is also allowed one personal entry (this is optional, not mandatory.)

    What must be included in the final entry?

    First of all, you need to be registered on the competition website. We also need you to send us the marked physical mock-up, the concept visualization and the 2D or 3D illustration of the proposed concept. Please make sure to package your entry well and don’t forget to include a printed form with your personal contest ID.

    Where can I get a printed form?

    You will receive a printed form in the entry kit. You are also able to download the form on you profile page. Please print the form and include it in your physical submission.

    Can I use graphics on my mock-up?

    Please feel free to use graphics on the mock-up, as long as they are royalty-free or designed by you.

    Is a group allowed to represent an agency or corporation?

    You are allowed to enter the competition representing a specific agency or corporation. However, each group must consist of maximum four members. You are also allowed to split up into smaller teams who all represent your agency.

    Do I have to be a student or work at an agency to participate?

    No. All creative souls are welcome to participate.

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