3D Pack

We all see lots of (transparent) plastics packaging (or even parts of it), where it's not necessary. These packagings are only made of plastics due to their allegedly attractivity at POS. But attractivity in today's commerce is no longer only focused on its visible attractivity but - more than ever - on its sustainable attractivity. You'll also have seen many products on the shelves which have a plastics packaging (or at least some part of it) but don't need any, right? Here's an example: Did you ever wonder why noodles are packed in plastics? No need for since the small amount of possible air humidity won't change the taste of a noodle - otherwise opened noodle packs at home would get bad shortly. So, why are these packaging not only in-attractive but also made of plastics? Why not simply make their packaging exciting and easy to recycle? My idea is to remove any plastics material but give the packaging an outstanding and exciting new look - a 3D look. - It is a haptic and visually completely new experience for customers - It completely sustainable because it's made of 100% paper - It even supports blind / impaired people since they can feel the product by its packaging

Designed by
Eric Haas