We always ask ourselves why users were meant to eat in square boxes of cardboard? Maybe because the paper plates never resist the weight, or because when you eat on a cardboard plate it feels like it's directly on the table, it's because of them that we developed the FlatBowl to give the food the status it deserves with a height and structure sufficient to resist its transport and handling. This patented development is generated from a recyclable source such as Tanbrite paper, which is a guarantee to change the direction of the disposable utensils, our solution is ideal for a product that takes between 6 and 20 minutes to consume it so that it has a decomposition equally fast (4 weeks) when dispensing with plastic materials. * 100% compostable material without the presence of plastic components * Position your brand by customizing your service to the table * Benefit your brand with an innovative design * Bring your brand closer to a value of responsibility with the environment

Designed by
Guillermo Acevedo
foldesign.co, foldesign.co
Guillermo Acevedo Beltran