Shirt Packaging

Being a big fan of men`s shirts, I was always angry about the fact how much packaging material has to be thrown away after its unpacking. The shirt packaging of nowadays is a wasteful mix of plastic, tissue paper and hidden pins. The vast majority of men`s shirts packaging is made of plastic, and the accumulation of plastic products in the environment adversely affects wildlife and human habitats. Plastic pollution negatively affects the earth`s surface, waterways and oceans too. Taking all these facts into consideration I created a completely new packaging for a men`s shirts that should eliminate unnecessary packaging waste. Once purchased, the customer can fold back the perforated handle and carry the packaging like a bag. Arriving home, the buyer can easily unpack the packaging, since it consists of a single piece of material (cardboard). And after separating the perforated hanger from the packaging, use it for its intended purpose by hanging a new purchase on it. The packaging can be easily folded in rows for transport (logistics), minimizes space in the warehouse, and is perfect for presenting in display windows. A minimalist color palette and informative pictograms help you to unpack the product easily.

Designed by
Viktoriia Schmidt
Continental SSL
Viktoriia Schmidt
Arthur Schmidt