Recreate Packaging 2016 recap

“Luxury is a state of mind. It’s those special occasions, where the small things make the big difference. And it’s not all about glitter and gold, but about different responses to luxury and sustainability. Luxury isn’t just about the product itself, but about the experience of the packaging that it comes in. A truly luxurious product isn’t just premium to the eye, but also to the touch. Luxury is Tactile.”

With those words the participants of Recreate Packaging 2016 were asked to complement the product of choice with their design, using Stora Enso’s most premium paperboard materials, CKB, Performa Brilliance and Ensocoat. Creating a truly tactile user experience while asking themselves what makes packaging luxurious, and what does luxury really mean.

The awards show - a night to remember

The Recreate Packaging 2016 award ceremony was held on the 11th of May at The Knickerbocker Hotel at Times Square in New York, in front of an audience representing a number of luxury brands. The award ceremony was followed by a luxurious dinner and a New York style rooftop party. It was truly a night to remember, with happy winners, great speeches and lovely guests.

Hightlights of the 2016 competition

Duncan Anderson
- Student category winner 2016

The first prize in the Recreate Packaging 2016 Student Category was won by Duncan Anderson, Finland, with his amazing Chrysalis perfume packaging. Duncan found his muse in the butterfly, believing that the cocoon is one of nature’s perfect packaging solutions. His design draws inspiration from the durable chrysalis as it holds and protects its precious contents until the caterpillar is ready for its final unveiling.

In keeping with the theme of transformation, Chrysalis comes in a light and fresh ”Parfum du Jour” and a deeply seductive ”Parfum de Nuit”.

Award winning trophies

The winners were awarded with exquisite paperboard trophies designed by Bea Szenfeld. The pieces mimic giant pencil shavings, visualising the creative process: ”I figured that it would be exciting to design an award that celebrates creative thinking by magnifying the faint traces that it leaves behind,” says Bea Szenfeld herself about her work.

The trophies have won two design awards so far: ”Design of the Month” in Resumé Magazine (August 2016) and ”Strategic Design 75 Watt” at the 100-wattaren Gala. They also won ”Best packaging design” at the Swedish advertising award competition ”Guldägget”.

Georges Diant
- Student category 2nd prize winner 2016

Georges was awarded second place for his design “French Chocolate Trip”. The aim of his project was to let others discover different parts of France through the chocolates and their packaging, highlighting the “savoir-faire” of the French chocolate makers and the gustative specialities of each French region. Each chocolate was elaborated with traditional and typical flavours from the associated region.

A simple region specific graphic is printed on the chocolates, like the brick for the North of France. The jury thought that the paperboard in the mock-up felt great and that the concept was brilliant. They also liked the fact that the idea could be adapted to a number of countries, regions or themes.

Micaela Nilsson
- Professional category winner 2016

Micaela Nilsson and the team at Gafs Kartong won the professional category of Stora Enso’s Recreate Packaging 2016 competition with their design “Pivert Champagne”.

“Me and my colleagues wanted to develop packaging with a protective function that gives the concept depth and builds a story. The outer packaging was therefore transformed into a beautiful scenery of champagne bubbles, allowing the packaging to tell the story of its contents. Inside the packaging, the bottle itself is suspended in a way that is similar to the physiology of the woodpecker. This is also where the packaging got its name; “Pivert” is French for a bird within the family of woodpeckers.”

Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper on global markets. Our aim is to replace non-renewable materials by innovating and developing new products and services based on wood and other renewable materials.

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